International Transportation

For the transport of goods in Europe, Russia or Kazakhstan, rail transport from an economic point is more appropriate and of course, environmentally justified. Therefore, the transportation of large quantities of goods by rail remains the most popular way. For present , the implementation of international rail transport, by its frequency is the second way of transportation, because is safe and reliable.
When using the rolling stock of the railway is minimum level of pollution by harmful substances. Routes our rail connects a variety of countries and regions:

    • European countries;
    • The central areas of the Far East and the Russian Federation;
    • Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

Spectrum services of TRANSLOG LLC for railway transport covers the following areas:

  • Cargo transportation by railway wagons and containers
  • Consolidation and processing of cargo to be shipped by rail
  • Small freight railway transport
  • The application, including the preparation of export-import documents
  • Monitor the status in the process of cargo transportation
  • Cooperation with the private and the railway operators

For the organization of transport of goods by railways, we use different types of cars

  • Container platform;
  • Closed wagons of various types of standard sizes;
  • Insulated wagon;
  • Gondola cars;
  • Platforms for transportation of large dimension cargo.